• Leslie Kerr

Starting a New trucking company??

Starting a new trucking company is a bit more complicated than you may expect.

Properly setting up and complying with state and federal regulations is critical for your trucking operations success.:

There are many things that must be addressed before hitting the road.

Here are just a few:

-File your LLC entry with the Secretary of State in your home state.

-Obtain and register for a Federal Tax ID number.

-Apply for your Federal DOT and Motor Carrier Authority numbers.

-Register your company with the FMCSA.

-Complete and MCS-150

-Complete your UCR

-Obtain and IFTA decal

-Understand heavy use tax regulations

-Much much more!

These are time consuming, and when your trying to earn a living at the same time these tasks may seem unattainable.

Contact me at TVC and we can help you with everything you will need to get you up and running, and ease this overwhelming process for you.

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